Illiana works hard to provide students with the opportunity to learn about 和 pursue passions in visual 艺术s. 美术老师 Jim Kamphuis provides experience in creating 艺术 of every media from drawing to 摄影 to sculpting 和 painting. Students create beautiful 艺术 pieces that showcase the creativity gifts that the Lord blesses us with. By emphasizing 艺术 in addition to 体育运动, we recognize the multifaceted giftings the Lord has given us. We provide 艺术istic materials 和 outlets for students, too.

美术 Festival

After working hard inside 和 outside of class, students have the chance to display their 艺术work for critique in the 美术 Festival which takes place each spring. In this, students can enter written 艺术work, performance 艺术, 和 visual 艺术s. A group of students, sponsored by Jeff DeVries 和 Jim Kamphuis, host the 美术 competition. Categories usually include dance, 戏剧, 仪器, 文学, 摄影, 钢琴, video, visual 艺术 和 vocal. The visual entries are put on display in the Media Center for several weeks 和 again at P.I.E.’s “Spring Supper” event. The performance pieces are presented to judges during the competition 和 the winning entries are again performed at the “Spring Supper”

Exploring Each Student’s Unique Gifts

Illiana is proud of the 艺术 和 戏剧 performance work of its students 和 staff. We teach that these gifts are from the Lord 和 try to cultivate a sense of respect for them. We hope each student who comes through Illiana has the ability 和 opportunity to pursue their passions. By working hard 和 with guidance from gifted, passionate teachers, students can really hone their skills to prepare for future 教育 或职业. 

“Art is one of man’s responses to God, our Creator. He has made us in His image 和 has given us the ability to be creative. While we can never do what He has done, create something from nothing, we can use our creative abilities to express in a unique way our response to Him 和 His world. Art is a religious, 文化, 社会, 和, 有时, even beautiful expression of life in a p艺术icular place 和 time.”

Art classes offer the student the opportunity to observe his/her surroundings in a new light; to apply problem-solving skills to the assignments; to discover new skills; to communicate with others in a visual mode. Art becomes a visual language by which one can give expression to experience, 信仰, 目的, 和情感. While many students explore existing talents, or discover new ones, others may simply find a deeper appreciation for, 和 underst和ing of, 艺术. In either case, it is a valuable p艺术 of 教育 to have some experience in the 艺术s. 

The 艺术 curriculum is formulated to give all students an opportunity to excel. The in-class projects are as varied as possible with the objective being that something will appeal to everyone. Written homework assignments 和 sketchbook assignments are given to aid comprehension of the concepts 和 skills discussed in class.